Kando Optics is proud to announce that we are an Approved Institution by Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) to help families to lighten the financial costs of raising children.

What is a Baby Bonus Approved Institution?

A Baby Bonus Approved Institution offers educational or healthcare products/services for children, and allows parents to use the Child Development Account (CDA) funds to pay for such expenses.

How do I collect fees from the CDA?

You can use direct debit (GIRO) or Baby Bonus NETS Service to deduct money from the CDA.

What can I buy from your optical outlet using CDA NETS card?

Any optical-related eye care products and services provided by our optometrist or optician.

Can I use NETS card to purchase spectacles and contact lenses online?

At the moment, we are unable to process CDA NETS card online. In order to fully enjoy the benefits of your Baby Bonus for your little ones, payments have to be made at our optical shop.